Sablures is a project whose function is to timing activities in a multi-tasking and multi-projects environnement.



His customizable style and his polymorphism makes it a powerful tool for timing the working time, but it can also be used to timing any other activities.

As you define your own attributes, you adapt it the structure of your activity (tariffs, projects, customers, entities) Sablures is a polymorphic multi-tasking chronometer.




Writing in python, it is available in compiled under license freeware for windows and in a source version for all platforms.

As python is an interpreted language, you can use the source for use on multiple operating systems and change your wishes in its GNU General Public License.



Operating :

The tasks are kept open between two sessions and it can be used on USB key.
Possible postponement of time.
Based on XML, customizations and structuring is done in XML files.
A module of interrogation extract the time to XML by period, month, date or attributes, grouped by selected attributes.