Sablures Exulium

An Advanced Polimorphic Chronometer

version francaise

new: a mac os x compiled version

mac os x version 4.0

windows version 2.8 i have to redone an installer use uninstall.dat to see where putting

linux use python sources

in add-on for your working hours an automatic working time tracking tool Work'in MeMorieS

in more than 15 years of exercice we are used principaly by workers, sport, chineses, and hindus, we have never receive a paypal gift.

Sablure Exulium a polymorphic multi-tasking working time chronometer

Documentation : see in the woklab docstor

sablures is an advanced multitasking chronometer working time adapted

it has been product because a boss doesn't know if their employee was working

i have produce first sablure exulium, and second work'in memories they can be use in parallel to measure the working time

you define the parameter you want for your task in simple xml files, the client, the folder, the rate, what you want, in clicking on the square at right of the task lines, and on the double zero, you simply update the parameters. note that the task are included in parameters their xml files are indicated in the includ.xml with the TiP="Master"

if you forgot to click on stop button and that your task take long time, you can click on the square at right, that parameter your task in the starter , click cancel, and defer the real time left, or done uniquely a negative defer after the right square

you har remarks a bug or your time didn't concord :

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